Thomas Stephen Jr is a narrator and voice actor from Memphis, TN, specializing in audiobooks.

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About ME

I started acting at a young age, starring in over a dozen plays before I turned 18 and winning several accolades including the Memphis Theater Award for excellence in acting. After trying my hand at musicals, I began performing live music with several local bands and decided to use my voice professionally. This led to work in audiobook narration and production. My unique tenor voice lends an air of authenticity and honesty to my work. Though originally from the Northeast, living in Memphis means I can apply an authentic Southern accent whenever it is required. I am an Eagle Scout, a filmmaker, and have an impressive beard for 6 months of the year (when it’s cold out).


Eagle Scout

As an Eagle Scout, I devote myself to excelling at whatever task I undertake. The quality and swift completion of your project is my number one priority.

Writing and Directing

I have a unique perspective on acting, having spent nearly as much time behind the camera as a writer and director as I have in front of a microphone or on stage performing. My short films have been seen in festivals and online.